Hi guys! My name is Valerie, and I’m the owner of this modern marketing agency. Here are a few words about me:● I fell in love with marketing 9 years ago● I enjoy learning new features and tools ● I'm a workaholic and I do my best for every project and client● I pay attention to the smallest details and nuances when listening to my clientsI’m happy to meet you and help to grow your business!

Working principals at the Pushing agency:

    Following an accurate process structure

We use different tools for organizing work processes (sheets, tickets creators, time tracker) to keep all information at hand and meet deadlines.

    Sticking to the client’s budget

Our main idea is that every euro that is invested into marketing must generate at least 2 euros revenue.

    Giving transparent explanations 

We answer every client’s question. Why? What is the reason? What will we have at the end? - These are our favorite topics!

    Controlling every nuance

Marketing requires many actions and sometimes agencies choose the easiest way which is to launch payment advertising and forget about it. But at Pushing Agency, we control even basic automatic processes every day.

    Providing 24/7 support

And it’s true. We always respond quickly to every request. We can work in the early mornings or late evenings, because we know how important it is to control processes and to not leave issues for tomorrow or next week.

Let's get acquainted:


Konieva Valeriia



Yuriy Yablonskiy

Project Marketing Manager


Yuliia Dmytrenko

Project Marketing Manager


Yuliia Konozenko

Graphic designer


Mihail Ivanischenko

SEO specialist


Mykyta Saifutdinov 

Senior social media marketing manager


Artem Birukov

Google Ads specialist


Kirill Kuprikov

Website developer

Valeriia's presentations: 

2022 digital marketing trends across all channels

Is it possible to sell successfully via Telegram?

How to do lives in social media?

Lead generation 

How to create an e-shop in Telegram

Questions about social media


Read the success stories of our customers to find out why so many companies choose us.


Dmytro Syvak

Head Of Business Development at MjSeo Agency & Business Development Manager at SeoProfy

I had the pleasure of working with Valeriia at MJSeo Agency & SeoProfy, during this time she showed a deep understanding of all aspects involved with Marketing.
Valeriia is an out-of-the-box thinker and a very detailed individual. She was heavily involved and key to the success of the newly formed search division.
I would highly recommend Valeriia as a professional and highly driven individual.


Ellina Romanova

Communications & Partner Marketing Manager at TheViewPoint

I enjoyed working with Valeria on several short PR projects, promoting online and offline events across various industries. She gave me wonderful opportunities to test my skills and learn approaches to different audiences, including very demanding SEO practitioners. I'd recommend Valeria as a dedicated and caring marketing professional and just a great colleague to work with.


Kateryna Bondarenko

Frontend Developer Team Lead

I highly recommend Valeriia as CMO in the marketing department of any company. She is a real team player and always very willing to solicit ideas from colleagues below and above her rank. I was fortunate enough to work with her on different projects . She is always very persevering and positive amidst great challenges in our previous company. She is truly results-oriented and resourceful, very willing to try different strategies to meet the goals. Let me mention a few of his significant contributions to our company: - successfully lead marketing events and promotions for four years. Together we created 2 different event sites and supported the sites of our e-commerce projects.
No doubt, Valeriia can bring something fresh and beneficial to any company. With her around, you can always have someone to rely on regarding goal setting and accomplishment.

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